France - Croatia: interesting bets for Monday's big game

France - Croatia: interesting bets for Monday's big game

This Monday at 20:45 the teams of France and Croatia will face each other in the 4th matchday of Group A of the Nations League A.

France needs to change its face in this Nations League as it is at the bottom after failing to win in the first 3 matchdays.

France - Croatia

As for Croatia, they are not doing as well as could be expected, but at least they have 4 points after their recent victory over Denmark. By the way, you can place bets on the site online cricket satta.

According to bookmakers, France is a clear favorite, with odds of 62.5% for a win, 23% for a draw and 14.5% for Croatia.

Bets France - Croatia: France with everything to be favorite

Let's play for the victory of France, which is the option that is presented as logical and therefore the most likely. We find it at Marathonbet at odds 1.60 and considering how complicated this Nations League is proving to be for the strong teams, we better not touch anything in handicaps or similar alternative bets.

If we are looking for a more prudent alternative, we could play that France will win either half. The odds for this at bet365 would be 1.33. We find other attractive bets such as France in the 2nd half to score a goal, which is paid at odds of 1.50.

For this match we expect a high number of goals but without going overboard, so we can play at William Hill that between 2 and 4 goals are scored, which is paid at odds of 1.53.

Back to Marathonbet we see that the bet for goals in both halves has a odds of 1.82.

France - Croatia | Alternative Bets

Among the pre-match bets of Leovegas we see a wide variety and here we can highlight some that especially caught our attention.

France - Croatia

France to win with a goal from Mbappé has an odds of 2.63, being at exactly the same odds but with Benzema contributing to the amount of French goals.

If we go to a more risky proposal, we would have at odds 5.60 that both teams score, France ends up winning the match and Mbappé manages to score a goal.

Thinking that France will start from the beginning with the desire to add their 1st victory in this group stage, we have the bet at odds 2.76 for them to be ahead on the scoreboard at the 30th minute of the match. This is a bold bet, but if there really are chances to score and considering the offensive capabilities of the French attack, it would not be rare that they get to materialize some arrival in the area.



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