We are always getting shipments in from our suppliers, so we do not know when will we have a particular item in stock. You can always subscribe for updates on the individual product page.

No, the piece is replaceable. You can attempt to re fill it as long as the cotton wick has not burned out.

No, please do not try to disassemble the Quake Box Mod. It will void the warranty.

We do not always recommend using G-Class parts with the 1000X parts. This could lead to leaking tanks or batteries not operating properly. However, the threading on the two systems is the same and can fit. This should be a last resort for using the vaporizer.

No, that is a very bad idea!

This device is only for dry herb. Using another substance may cause issues internally.

We do not recommend that you rinse your tank.

No, you can not change out the cotton wick in our 1000X or G-Class tanks. Once you start tasting a burnt flavor, it may be time to replace the tank.

No, that is not necessary.

No, it is very simple. Once your device stops producing vapor, it is out of puffs and should be recycled properly.