CBD & Quarantine: Sean’s Story

CBD & Quarantine: Sean’s Story

At my 2019 college graduation ceremony, I heard someone say, “You have to make your job, finding a job,” a phrase that has stuck with me since I proudly walked across stage last December. That do-or-die quote became my mantra.

I began applying for work in November – looking for anyone who might grant an English major a position — but it wasn’t until after the holidays that my search became an all-out manhunt.

Job Search

Once my internship in January 2020 ended, my job search intensified, and so did my anxiety, a crippling menace who said things to me like:

“You need to find something!”


“Three years of study and you can’t find a job. What a waste!”

I spent four to six hours a day applying for positions on various sites. You know, all the common ones like LinkedIn, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Monster and Craigslist. I completed hundreds of applications but to no avail.

Though one day, I did get lucky. I made it through two interviews for a marketing position at a boiler manufacturer, but a LinkedIn message from human resources welded my fate shut:

I want to thank you again for coming on-site for an interview the other week, along with your interest in the position. We have decided to proceed with another candidate for this position.


  • Human Resources Manager

After that rejection, I was emotionally wounded, broke and completely hopeless. Though I had to carry on, and carry on I did, much like Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant, although I trudged through cold employment inquiries and assessment tests rather than slough through the hills of South Dakota.

In late February, I had another brush of luck. I had two in-person interviews for a website and communications coordinator position at a local country club. As strapping as I looked at my interviews, donning a gray news-boy cap, a trippy tie and an impressive portfolio of work, I was again thrown out the door of opportunity.

I gave up. I was broke. I wanted money, and the quickest way I could get lots of cash was by getting my commercial driver’s license. I was goin’ truckin.’ All I needed was to get my permit, and then I’d be riding high on the asphalt seas.

Then, without warning, on March 15, four days before I planned to test for my permit, the entire state had shut down; the DMV was not spared.

COVID-19 Halts Search

I had heard stories about the coronavirus in the weeks leading to quarantine, but I had no idea COVID-19 would shut down the way we live and work. My career was out the window, and plans to become a college-educated trucker faded like exhaust fumes.

As the quarantine proceeded, days became weeks, and I was a neurotic mess. I could not sleep; I could not focus or relax. The normally flooded Indeed and LinkedIn job boards had become barren and only left me wishing I went to school to become a nurse. The damning thoughts persisted:

“Will I run out of money?”

“How will I find a job now that the economy is stuck in 1929?”

“What can I do to find peace!?”

Those questions coursed through my mind every day since the quarantine began. Although another, yet positive, thought popped up: “Maybe I should try CBD?”

I had never tried it before, but I heard from friends that it helps with stress. If CBD could help me relax and sleep at night, it was worth a shot.

I had seen gas stations and other retail stores selling CBD products, but I was not sure what to get, so I went to the internet and learned all I could about it.

I learned that CBD is a hemp-derived product that can alleviate symptoms from many conditions like insomnia, nerve pain, depression and anxiety!

Tsunami CBD Oil

After a thorough search, I found Tsunami CBD, an affordable, high-quality organic CBD tincture that I thought was my only hope for anxiety relief. I ordered Tsunami’s Natural 500-MG CBD oil and eagerly waited for its arrival. The Odyssey Group Outlet quickly packed and shipped my CBD.

Once I received Tsunami’s CBD oil, I ripped the package open to retrieve what I had hoped would be the antidote for exhausting stress and anxiety surrounding my job search and the COVID-19 pandemic — our new normal.

I simply dribbled a few drops of Tsunami CBD oil onto my tongue, and within an hour, the neurosis that controlled my life began to disappear from my mind. Like water to a flame, Tsunami Premium Hemp CBD Oil extinguished my anxiety.

Days after I began my CBD regimen, I began to feel normal again, and I could do things I couldn’t do before when I didn’t use CBD.

Now, weeks after I began my CBD routine, I can read a book, go for a hike and prepare dinner without worrying about things I cannot control.

Things like finding employment in my field or hoping things will go back to normal, back to when I didn’t have to wear a mask at the grocery store and when the economy was booming, those are things in my life I can’t control.

Tsunami CBD oil helps me live in the present moment, one day at a time. Without stress and anxiety, I now have time for family, friends and I can focus on doing more of what I love.

Sean M.

Stroudsburg, PA