CBD & Quarantine: Rachel’s Story

CBD & Quarantine: Rachel’s Story

I’d say this product has been quite a revelation for me during this quarantine. I have long wanted to try CBD for bipolar symptoms that I have been experiencing (I enjoy long periods of stability but have occasional flare-ups), and I have done now. I am very satisfied with the results. I came in contact with the CBD Oil when my husband spoke of how his colleague in the office was using it to ease his recovery from heavy use of marijuana for 19 years. I was also told about other benefits, but before it went into my body, I had to do some research. If you are reading this, it often helps to conduct basic research before purchasing; because then you are able to evaluate your options better and know what you are taking in your body. I was quite satisfied with what I saw, and then I got a few from the local store selling CBD products in my vicinity. I kind of wished it was THC-free, though, but I saw that it got 0.3%. I took it, and I didn’t feel any of the “high” that I read about most hemp-based products with THC.  Currently, I feel like there has been a fresh injection of life and vibrancy within me. It has elevated my mood, dispelled my anxiety and panic attacks, giving me a feeling of wellness and at the same time. I and my family are lovers of organic products and methods, but lots of the healthy stuff around tastes awful in my opinion—not Tsunami CBD Oil though. I have tried it and it works just as fast if you choose to take it orally or under the tongue for faster assimilation into the body. For me, it has been the best remedy to balance me out mentally and make sure I get enough sleep, the best natural alternative to synthetic pills & tablets one could’ve asked for. The Tsunami CBD Oil has helped me to fall asleep, stay asleep, and I also like the morning-after effect that I feel from using it, so I don’t feel too weak to get up from the bed. Instead, I feel sharp and raring to go. It has been very fantastic in relieving me of my insomnia, anxiety and removes discomfort too. Another drawback for me apart from the fact that it is not THC free is that I kind of wish the taste was a little more noticeable though; just a personal choice. It’s also got this smooth feel on the tongue that I like and does not contain any cannabis residue or particles. I think that was very important for me as I don’t want to seem like I’m taking weed (lol). I would recommend the product for intending purchasers. There is lots of goodness in that bottle.

Rachel H.

San Hose, CA



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