CBD & Quarantine: Courtney’s Story

CBD & Quarantine: Courtney’s Story

Mommin’ ain’t easy. Especially when quarantine life has turned you into a social-distancing multi-tasker while you play the role of homeschool teacher, maid, caretaker and a remotely-working employee. You see laundry pile up as quickly as your stresses. Can I go to the store? Will I get sick? Can these kids go to grandma’s? COVID-19 has added anxiety on top of anxiety, that has been overwhelming to say the least.

Yet, everyone is finding their own ways of stress relief. Whether that be all-day Netflix binges, happy-hour Zoom calls, new hobbies like bread-making or for me…turning to the all-natural relief of Tsunami Premium Hemp CBD tincture. Maintaining health and well-being can be just another task on a list. Yet, the convenience, ease and of course, discrete nature of these flavorful drops start each day off with an attitude of ‘we can do this’.

Pre-quarantine, we all knew the power of CBD. It’s used by a growing population to help soothe common conditions like joint pain, insomnia, anxiety, stress. But, never did we ever think we’d need CBD like we do, now. For the first week of ‘stay-home’ manadates, I kept my daily dose of my favorite Tsunami Premium Hemp CBD tinctures. Mango for the morning, with a burst of Blueberry for my after-dinner dose. Soon there-after, it was obvious that we were in for ‘social-distancing’ in the long-haul.

That’s when quarantine got serious. This wasn’t just ‘temporary’ but our lives are quite literally up in the air as we figure out returning to our ‘new normal’. As my State’s governor extended the stay-at-home mandate time, and time again…my normal daily dose, just wasn’t cutting it. Luckily, with CBD there’s no maximum I need to fear. I’m able to increase my dose as my tolerance builds, and still benefit from the hemp plant’s natural ability to soothe my stresses.

So, that’s what I did. I turned to Tsunami Premium hemp products to re-up my stash. Why Tsunami? As a parent and long-time CBD and cannabis user, there’s nothing more important than a brand you can trust…that’s cost-effective, too. Especially, when jobs and contracts are somewhat in limbo in this new world COVID-19 has created. Tsunami delivers the third-party lab testing I need, with full-spectrum CBD power my anxiety craves, and prices that can fit any budget.

The product I’ve turned to most while social-distancing, is the Tsunami Premium Hemp CBD Natural tincture. It’s the unflavored version of the Mango and Blueberry full-spectrum CBD I was using pre-quarantine, but with the capability to add into my daily nutrition routine. Instead of puzzles, or reading or ‘adult-coloring’, you could say my new stress-relieving hobby is CBD infusion. The mild, natural taste of the un-flavored tincture blends perfectly into my morning smoothies or overnight oats, or my late-night treats and munchies. Not to mention, I’m able to increase my doses with this method and relieve the extra stress while satisfying my sweet-tooth, too.

Tsunami’s Premium Hemp CBD tinctures have the ideal synergy of cannabinoids to deliver that ‘calming’ focus I need daily. Their formula of CBG, CBD, THC, CBN and the hemp plant’s phytonutrients and terpenes are full-powered to take on the anxieties each stay-at-home day presents. Without turning to drinking before noon, or hot-boxing the laundry room prior to 4:20. Tsunami lets me rest even easier, knowing that their tinctures and products are non-GMO, vegan, grown in the USA and additive-pesticide, free.

Of course, there are those days where self-isolation is worse than others. On those days, the isolate Tsunami CBD gummies are my sweet saviors. It’s a boost of stress-relief for especially tough or busy days that help restore balance, while elevating my mood. Whether you’re a parent, student, essential or non-essential employee…we’re all needing that boost. If you’ve ever doubted the power of CBD, it may be time to try again. From one social-distancer to another…Tsunami Premium Hemp CBD tinctures are essential ‘health-heroes’ for any quarantine stress or anxiety.

Courtney T.

West Bloomfield, MI